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Lemonade Wise is an exhaustive tutorial on doing the Master Cleanse and Lemonade diet easily and efficiently. You'll understand just what is the connection between the cleanse and the lemonade, how to get going from home, tips on how to prevent the common pitfalls, what side effects to expect and how to maximize your detox for long-term health.

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Losing Weight with the Lemonade Diet

The Lemonade Diet was originally created by Stanley Boroughs way back in 1941.  So, as you can see, it has been around for a long time and there is a good reason for its longevity.  It helps people to lose weight but that is actually not the primary benefit. Burroughs originally came up with the cleanse as a way of curing his stomach ulcer and it has since found to heal all sorts of adverse conditions and clear the body of toxins.

Although there have been some slight variations to the system over time, the basic formula has remained unchanged and revolves around a recipe that uses purified water, organic lemons, grade B maple syrup, and cayenne pepper as a detox drink which is consumed as a liquid diet for a number of days whilst fasting from solid foods.

The lemonade diet has been successful over the years because it has resulted in rapid weight loss for many who use it.  However, everything that is written and shared about the cleanse is not always positive.  Some of the opponents of it say that it only releases water weight and is not long term.

Even though there is still much debate as to whether or not cleansing is effective over the long term, that does not stop millions of people that choose to use it.

Outside of its weight loss benefits, the lemonade diet is well known for helping to detox and cleanse your body of toxins and other unwanted materials.  Over the years waste material builds up in the colon. This makes it difficult for your digestive system to function properly, can cause lots of gut problems such as bloating, gas, cramping etc as well as causing more serious issues.